CMU Summit On US-CHINA Innovation and Entrepreneruship
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Team Directory

2017 CMU Summit Team Directory

Name Position
Yimin(Betty) Xie President
Vice Presidents
Zihan(Vincent) Guo VP Marketing
Weihao Shen VP Event
Jiaxuan Liu VP External
Sha Li Mobile Health Panel Director
Zheng(David) Zhang Competition Director
Qin Lu Publication Director
Shichen Yang Public Relation Director
Qilin Cao Mobile Health Panel Member
Xinhe Zhang VR/AR/ Panel Member
Yansheng Cao Artificial Intelligence Panel Member
Yan Tan Publication Team Member
Jingyuan Xing Robotics Panel Member
Lilan Huang Publication Team
Regina Wai Sung Tse Liaison Team Member
Yujuan Zheng Startup Panel Member
Zining (Ethan) Ye HCI Panel Co-Director
Xi Zhu Publication Team Member
Lewis Li Logistics and Operation Team Member
Erin Han Competition Team Member
Wenxin Ding Publication Team Member


2017 CMU Summit Advisor Team

David S. Mawhinney CMU Summit

David S. Mawhinney

Co-Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Executive Director, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship

Managing Director, Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund

Director, I6 Agile Innovation System

Assistant Teaching Professor, Tepper School of Businessm

Lenore Blum CMU Summit

Lenore Blum

Co-Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Founding Director, Project Olympus, Olympus

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


2017 CMU Summit E-Board Members

Name Major Position Linkedin
Yimin(Betty) Xie Mathematics and Business President
Zihan(Vincent) Guo Machine Learning and Statistics VP Marketing
Weihao Shen Matierals Science and Engineering VP Event
Jiaxuan Liu Economics and Statistics VP External
Zheng(David) Zhang Chemistry Competition Director
Qin Lu ETIM and Chemical Engineering Publication Director
Zach Pan ECE and Biomedical Engineering Robotics Panel Director
Zach Pan ECE and Biomedical Engineering Robotics Panel Director
Xinhe Zhang ECE VR/AR Panel Director
Yi Wen Business HCI Panel Co-Director
Sha Li Healthcare Policy and Management Mobile Health Panel Director
Zining(Ethan) Ye Design Human Computer Interaction Director