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New Venture Competition

Notice: the following is the competition information for 2016 Summit. However, you may submit your application via the Application Tab below. The form is live for 2017 Summit New Venture Competition. You may also check out our past judges below.


Our Mission

The CMU Summit New Venture Competition aims to build a communication platform for ambitious Chinese and American Students. We are striving to bridge the gap between the resources that entrepreneurs need and what the entrepreneurial ecosystem has to offer. The Competition will be a platform for identifying, nurturing and showcasing emerging entrepreneurs. Our panel of judges consists of top tier angel investors and venture capitalists from both China and the US. Previous years' competitions have been supported by Zhen Fund, SoftBank China, West Summit Capital, Blue Tree Venture Fund, SBCVC, GSR Ventures, IDG Ventures.

This year the Competition will be held on April 10, 2016, in Pittsburgh, PA. Students from top universities and leading experts from China and the US will meet at Carnegie Mellon University to explore solutions to critical social issues, and seek better collaboration between technology and funding.

The New Venture Competition is supported by leaders of venture capital in China and the US. Every participating team will have the opportunity to present their innovative products. Besides cash awards of $15,000, contestants will also have access to:

  • 1. Educational opportunities regarding innovation, collaboration and commercialization
  • 2. Networking opportunities with leaders from academia, industry, venture capital firms, and government institutions.
  • 3. The opportunity to learn from the innovative ideas and visions of peers.


Our Judges From 2016

Feng Li
Founder, Free S Fund

Thumbnail Image

Qiang (Larry) Li
Founding Partner, Amino Capital

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Hong Xue
Managing Partner, Westlake Ventures Partner, Silicon Valley Office of Cybernaut Investment

Thumbnail Image

Shunchang Qiao
Partner, LeBox Capital

Ning Yang
Partner, LeBox Capital

Thumbnail Image

Frank Demmler
Vice President of Entrepreneurial Service, Innovation Works

Thumbnail Image

Chengming Ren
Partner, Bojiang Capital

Thumbnail Image

Kang (Kevin) Yin

Beibei (Angela) Bao
Investment Manager, Idea Bulb Ventures Professor, School of Machine Learning Department CMU

Thumbnail Image

Ricky Wong
Senior Investment Manager, Idea Bulb Ventures

Thumbnail Image

Xiao Wang
CEO, InnoSpring

Thumbnail Image

Qu (River) Duan
CEO and Partner, Summit Capital LLC Founder, Center for US-China Technology, Innovation & Development, Inc.

Zeqiang (Chuck) Ng
General Partner, PreAngel Partners

Thumbnail Image

Enes Hoşgör

Thumbnail Image

Xiaoyu (Sue) Xu
Partner, Amino Capital

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Yi Zhao
CEO, Westlake Venture

Ying (Eva) Woo
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Sinovator

Thumbnail Image

Yi (Elaine) Li
Founder and CEO, Zonvon


Execustive Summary

The CMU Summit New Venture Competition (New Venture Competition) aims to provide a professional platform for emerging entrepreneurs to network with industry leaders, share experience, and seek new resources. It also strives to build strategic relationships between top tier technology companies and leading entrepreneurs. In previous years, we have successfully gained generous support from multiple venture capital firms, including IDG Ventures, Zhen Fund, GSR Ventures, SB China Capital, and Ferry Venture Capital.

The 5th New Venture Competition will take place on April 9, 10 2016 at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each participating team will have the opportunity to present in front of top investors from the United States and China. In addition, all teams will have the chance to:

  • 1. Win a cash prize
  • 2. Receive training in teamwork, entrepreneurial skills, and technology commercialization
  • 3. Network with leading venture capitalists and elites from different industries and government institutions
  • 4. Communicate and exchange ideas with students from top US and Chinese universities

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